Today is your lucky day: you have found Wondaal Works to solve your challenges concerning im- and export management. Wondaal Works is the self-employed entrepreneurship of Reinder Wondaal. From 2007 up until 2012 I´ve had the opportunity to professionalize myself on many aspects of international business. International im- and export management being one of them. I´m used to doing business with China, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Portugal. I speak and write English, Spanish and Duth and speak French and German as well. I know how sales works and I understand that business is about investing in people.

Does your business need help in those area´s? Don´t hestitate to contact me for an informal conversation. Please forgive me if I don´t respond immediately. Every now and then I need to travel across Europe for getting things done – you might have to wait a day or two before I respond properly. But it will work out fine. Because Wondaal Works.